Power to Organize. Power to Communicate.

View geolocated timelined videos and information about your project.

Promote client understanding and decision-making in strategy, design, construction and H&S.

OII Superfund Site
Monterey Park, CA
BKK Landfill
West Covina, CA
Purity Superfund Site
Fresno, CA
Cooper Drum Superfund Site
South Gate, CA

System Overview

  • Online project information storage
  • Secure access
  • Intuitive visual system
  • Post files on a timeline grid more
  • Accepts all file types
  • A project management "YouTube"
  • Uses video for vivid communication

Geolocate Sites and PRPs Using 

Terradex and Project Navigator, Ltd. are working together to develop online project management systems.


Project Navigator, Ltd.'s secure file sharing system and online project management tool.


This website hosts a collection of health & safety lessons learned, tips and habits that promote the incorporation of safe practices into all facets of Project Navigator, Ltd.'s work.

Utilize a visually-enabled timeline of your project Access information to assist in decision making Share, discuss or strategize with other project team members
Information of any kind can be displayed under a pixel grid which is overlaid over a project timeline, (e.g., Gantt charts and schedules) a plan, or an aerial photograph of a site location. Click on a project grid to view schedules, budgets, SOWs, videos, work plans, designs, aerials, key figures, agreements, data maps, soil and groundwater data, etc. Share or discuss information. Plan your next meeting. Efficiently use online information for project decision-making.